Saturday Political Humor

Sending the Wrong Message?

GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney stealthily appeared in front of the solar panel company Solyndra Thursday in a campaign move to counter the Democrats attacks on his failed ventures while working for Bain Capital, the asset management and financial services company he helped found in 1984.  I say stealthily because they contrived some kind of paranoid notion that the White House would conspire to prevent Romney’s press meeting in front of Solyndra.

Mitt Romney’s campaign justified its secrecy in setting up a press conference in front of Solyndra’s California headquarters Thursday by warning of a conspiracy by White House officials to potentially sabotage their efforts.

“We knew, if word got out, that Solyndra would do everything in their power, and the Obama administration would do everything in their power, to stop us from having this news conference,” an unnamed adviser told reporters, per CNN    SOURCE

Solyndra, as most people know, is the company that the Obama administration invested $500 million tax payer dollars in as an investment in America’s search for alternative renewable energy.  Solyndra went bankrupt however so is Romney telling voters, “Vote for me! I’m not the only one who can spend other people’s money on losers”.


Me thinks this is all sending the wrong signal to the public.  When you think about it, Romney is essentially keeping the Bain issue in the spotlight and now his campaign advisors are indicating that the Obama White House would conspire to prevent Romney from holding this press conference.  If they really wanted to give legs to that bit of schizophrenia, they should have made their move and allowed their conspiracy, real or imagined, to play out.  This way however, they merely look about as foolish as a bag lady having a serious conversation with her dog as she pushes her cart load of junk down the middle of the street.

Someone might want to tell the Romney campaign that the goal is to get people to the polls this November. Why should they waste their time on someone who seems determined to make his weaknesses and failures allegedly on par with his Presidential rival.



Mitt Romney’s Solyndra Attack Has a Few Hitches


6 responses to “Saturday Political Humor

  1. I’m convinced that Romney is a sociopath, who desperately wants to be president. As the article states: As governor of Massachusetts, Romney handed out loans to firms in emerging technology fields, some of which ended up (like Solyndra) going bankrupt. And the Solyndra loan was in works during the Bush administration. I despise the lying, hypocrisy and deception that Romney practices on a daily basis. The man has no concept of truth and disclosure.

  2. Once again he touches all bases to say all things to all people. I think he’s a sociopath too. Either that or just a lying sack of shit.

  3. If Obama doesn’t have the ability to lead this imbecile in the polls by at least 15%, then how the hell does he have the power to stop a guy with hundreds of news cameras in tow from standing on a public street?

    Drone strike, perhaps? John Yoo would write a legal opinion claiming it’s now legal.

    • His earlier timarity with the health care and financial reform along with keeping some of the Bush-era “national security” agenda in place has hurt his image as a decisive leader. It may be too late to correct this before the upcoming election so we can only hope that voters we’ll see Romney as a representative of the status quo and choose Obama to avoid a repreat of the Bush years.

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