Clear Channel Puts Lipstick on a Pig

The only thing that was clear about Clear Channel Radio in their defense of Rush Limbaugh’s “slut” slur was their effort to sustain their profits

Rush Limbaugh’s lame apology to Susan Fluke came only after his program lost revenue from seven commercial accounts that either abandoned his program entirely or suspended further advertising until … whenever.   Since then, five more accounts have joined the exodus from Limbaugh’s radio program.  It remains to be seen if this will  be the beginning of the end for the ultra-conservative talk show host.  Limbaugh’s claim to being a funny man rather than a news item critic is about as legitimate as Robin Williams claiming to be a Psychologist using humor therapy to treat his patients.

Little attention however has been given to the comments from Limbaugh’s bosses, Clear Channel’s Premiere Radio Networks Inc., as expressed through their spokeswoman Rachel Nelson

“The contraception debate is one that sparks strong emotion and opinions on both sides of the issue.  We respect the right of Mr. Limbaugh, as well as the rights of those who disagree with him, to express those opinions.”  SOURCE 

This is a confusing comment though since Limbaugh is the only one allowed to express an opinion in a one-way transmission.  Should anyone who has an opposing opinion get an open line to his show, the man would simply cut them off or shout them down.  I suspect too that Clear Channel used a woman as their spokesperson for this like they would have used a black person to address any racial slur that Limbaugh or any other shock jock they pay to broadcast on their network.  Somehow this is supposed to mollify the derogatory character assassination they refer to as “opinion”?

Does anyone with the mental capability of a rock really think Limbaigh’s slur was an emotional opinion concerning the subject of contraception?  Even Limbaugh’s faithful listeners would have to spit their juice up upon hearing this response.  They took it for what it was and liked it – a mean and hurtful verbal bludgeon.

Characterizing Limbaugh’s ugly epithet and any from “those who disagree with him” as part of an emotional debate is ludicrous and disingenuous.  This is gutter talk pure and simple and would be designated as such by any parent who heard such words spew from their child’s mouth.

Limbaugh didn’t call the notion of contraception sluttish or whorish.  He aimed these degenerative comments at another human being who he didn’t know and he sure as hell didn’t didn’t do it in a fashion that would evoke a type of laughter from people with healthy mental pathologies.  If I was Susan’s father, I wouldn’t be laughing but would be waiting for this clown outside his studio at the end of the day to kick his butt up one end of the street and down the other.  Would any parent feel less inclined to preserve the honor of their daughter that had made such a success of her life only to be demeaned by a former(?) drug user who has been married four times and has no children himself.



For Clear Channel to view this as some SNL skit where Dan Aykroyd’s character called Jane Curtain’s character an “ignorant slut” is to pretend that those who don’t faithfully listen to Limbaugh’s show are as equally shallow-minded as those who do.  Limbaugh has made millions for Clear Channel and until they see this goldmine start to dry up they will care less about what they perceive as a momentary public outcry that will soon subside and allow things to return to some normal state – as if Limbaugh’s rants could be perceived as someone who was normal.


Manure is a commodity that makes a small profit for those who sell it to organic gardeners.  The manure that comes out of the mouths of some who use the public air waves to promote their agenda is also treated as a commodity in the eyes of companies like Clear Channel.  Concerns about dignity and civility have no place in their corporate thinking where they prostitute themselves for profits.  It appears some of their sponsors however are beginning to have second thoughts in their support for this clown.

“Trash talk by any other name is still trash talk”

13 responses to “Clear Channel Puts Lipstick on a Pig

  1. Take all the politics out of it, and look at the fact that the older Limbaugh attacked a young woman in a sexually harrassing way. It is bullying from a position of power. Then take note that President Obama called the young woman and supported her and stood up for her. Obama has said,”The best judge of whether or not a country is going to develop is how it treats its women. If it’s educating its girls, if women have equal rights, that country is going to move forward. But if women are oppressed and abused and illiterate, then they’re going to fall behind.” Limbaugh has consistently displayed a misogynistic attitude towards women, calling feminists “feminazis,” and treating women callers with a hint of condescension. I have listened to his program for years, along with all the other reading and listening I do. Limbaugh thinks that all is fair if you say pretend it is political satire, fighting absurdity with absurdity. However, it is not just satire when you target a single, specific, young, much less powerful person to maliciously insult. His point is ill made by bullying. He is getting worse and worse. I hope he gets the boot.

  2. I don’t think an apology from this hot air balloon is enough. As you said, it was rendered because of the almighty dollar. I was looking at LifeLock too, one of the last advertisers to stand by him and they used the same BS as Clear Channel. I was even more aghast that someone dredged up a marketing expert, a woman, who said this might turn out to be a good thing as far as numbers for Rush go. You are right: he didn’t call the idea of birth control sluttish but the woman who testied a slut. Also, people have seemed to forgotten about his additional comments about the Georgetown Law Student sending along the sex videos that she should star in. He is a pig-and that disparagin remark, I will not apologize for.

  3. I’ve heard a number of interviewers on NPR saying that Limbaugh will survive this and go on to insult and demean again. The only thing that has a slight impact is to boycott and register your complaints with the station and the advertisers. Money is king. There’s radio for the culture, manners and ethics-deprived, and then there’s radio for the rest of us. Even women supported Limbaugh’s comments. It makes me sick that he’s going to outlast our outrage, but I blame his listeners every bit as much that pig. They’ve given him a forum. In our society where free speech is exalted above all else, that’s all a slime ball like Limbaugh needs.

    • I’m with you on the freedom of speech position Jean and I agree Limbaugh’s trash talk falls under that. But you are also right in that we have the freedom of choice choosing those products that don’t sponsor his program. If there is enough of an impact in this area then their right to make profits will trump their support for Limbaugh’s bullshit, hopefully.

      But you said it and I pointed it out in my post: “Concerns about dignity and civility have no place in their corporate thinking where they prostitute themselves for profits”

  4. I am loving best that Rush is having to do this in order to save his job. I hope he ends up losing it anyway of course, but to apologize all the while believing every rotten word you said, is sweet. May he join Glenn in oblivion on the cable station in Texas, where all boring has-beens go to die. I am still looking for the complete list. Particularly interested in century 21, since we are about to join up with a real estate agent to find a house in N Mexico. Somebody let me know!

    • According to the link I provided Sherry it appears that “Oreck, Century 21 and AutoZone have been listed as advertisers by a number of websites, but each company has denied directly advertising on the program.” Not sure what the defense of not having “directly advertised” refers to?

    • Just an FYI, Glenn Beck is coming to Albany, NY WGY 103.1. Clear Channel, same station as Rush Limbaugh.
      Disgusting. Ms. Nelson is pathetic. In her comment she said this is “Absurd Humor”.
      Due to the hormones in birth control I have a healthy 17 year old, this is after having 10 miscarriages.
      I feel not only an attack on women, but on my son…Rush will never know the joy a child brings.

      • Oh joy! The beck-meister is back. More fun with the guy who plays with shoe strings.

        Welcome to my blog Ann and thanks for your input.

  5. I have gone back over the 3 days of Rush and his rant and I do believe that this man has NO idea what the pill is about…he made it sound like you take one every time you have sex……he also does not want to acknowledge that the pill is used for such things as acne, massive bleeding, hormonal imbalance and that is the extent that I know…..I dropped out of med school to become a blogger…LOL

  6. I saw a great interview on Maddow the other night from a woman in her 50s who played a prominent role in the contraception fight in the 60s — 70s. She said it best, this is no longer her generation’s fight as this no longer will effect them. This is now my generation’s fight. I couldn’t have picked a better person to be the face of our fight than Ms. Fluke (contrast her with the gutter mouth of Rush).

    Proud to say that we have now to date 35 advertisers who have either dropped or suspended advertising and 2 radio stations who have dropped his show entirely. The fight continues!

  7. Ay ya yi. I am really glad that the sponsors are giving him a well-deserved spanking. Money is what will make him shake in his boots. Maybe Clear Channel will can him. That won’t stop him, though, because he has such a huge audience. I believe in his right to share his repugnant views of anyone not of the Rush Limbaugh brand of Conservatism. He’s disgusting, a sexist pig, and is still afforded Freedom of Speech. That said, I find it refreshing and hilarious that free market capitalism is smacking him around.

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