Sunday Humor

 Want To Have Some Fun With Homeland Security?


A recent news item released tells us that the Department of Homeland Security, that agency that we were told whose original intent was to coordinate federal agencies in order to better gather intelligence on terrorist activities, is now apparently turning its resources on pot smokers.

According to an internal DHS document released by the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), the department and/or a DHS subcontractor is searching social networks like Facebook and Twitter for all kinds of keywords, which are then made into reports about “items of interest” (IOI). The list of terms is HUGE, and according to the blog Animal New York, “the DHS can also add additional search terms circumstantially as deemed necessary.”   SOURCE   

One of the words on that list is “Marijuana”.  So for all those people who still engage in a little “Reefer Madness” every now and then to ease the suffering of a world gone mad, be aware – Big Brother is watching.  It’s understandable that considering the federal laws that exist regarding marijuana use that the DHS would want to try and catch major traffickers of this psychotropic drug.  But it is a bit disturbing that the innocent non-users may become suspect simply for employing keywords that those spying on us at DHS may think are relevant to the illicit use of pot smoking.

Might I suggest a little annoying exercise that could fluster those watching us while extracting a little pay back for invading our privacy. I was thinking of submitting a Facebook comment that would look something like this, using much of the drug slang lingo referencing marijuana found here.

Hi Mary Jane.  It’s been a while since we talked about how our gardens are doing so just wanted to catch up with you.

Weeds are becoming an issue this time of year even though each seedling is germinated in its own separate pot.  It has been mind-altering for me in dealing with this problem so I have asked my good friend “Doobie” Tokes to find solutions to reduce the high numbers.  I have also encountered a big problem with roaches.  Not sure what’s going on there since I am a fastidious cleaner but their numbers are high.

I think about coming to visit you in Mexico sometime but can a bus be a safe way to take a trip down to Acapulco with all the reports of killer banditos along the hi-ways? I would hate to take a hit by these thieves and lose my valuable stash of organic seeds I would  bring to share with you.

Perhaps you can come up to visit me  and we could discuss our interests over chips and colas.  We could listen to our old funk music and recollect the funny stuff we engaged in our college days.  Which reminds me.   Remember that bad seed named Lucas.  He was always blowing smoke about how his going to plant a bomb in the Dean’s office to protest the school’s policy against allowing a Buddha statue near the Alice B. Toklas dorm.

Well the joints in my hand are aching so will sign off for now.  Gimme a ring sometime and we’ll discuss what to do about my killer weed issues, along with other good stuff.

Using that link I provided above for marijuana terminology, how would you submit something on Facebook or Twitter to confound DHS?

WARNING: Not Responsible for any arrests by those who antagonize the Department of Homeland Security using the suggestion above

4 responses to “Sunday Humor

  1. Well, I can’t come back here any more now. THis is a bad place. A very bad place, and I do not, repeat, I DO NOT do illegal things. EVER…..almost…NO NEVER ever, ever. (My lawyer said that I said it enough.)

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