(Risque)Sunday Humor

Rick Santorum’s Sexually Repressed Mind

What kind of thoughts were going on through Rick Santorum over-imaginative brain when he argued that contraception is “a license to do things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be.”

I know he worries a lot about such things as man-on-dog sex but might the picture below reflect a wet dream he has of himself symbolically defeating President Obama this November?

How hard must that be to keep such imagery suppressed while also feeling erotically stimulated.

A lot of Catholics have developed as sexually repressed adults.  I too was raised as a Catholic and I recall the stare downs and being damned to hell by feisty old nuns and sanctimonious priests for even raising the question of sexual urges.

Does the presidential candidate struggle with his awful thoughts when he takes the kids to the “petting” zoo?  Are his kids deprived of this fond childhood memory because Santorum has these delirious thoughts?

For Santorum to expose his concern about doing “things in a sexual realm that is counter to how things are supposed to be”,  must surely elicit some awful images from him time to time that would require a visit to the confessional frequently for such impure thoughts

I wonder if the priest who hears his confessions has ever considered a penance to seek psychiatric help to address what thoughts often crowd the space between his hears?


10 responses to “(Risque)Sunday Humor

  1. He is severely conservative and severely troubled. It bothers me knowing that there are like-minded people living among us who support him. He can’t crash and burn fast enough for me.

    • I think you’re right Jean. Though Romney is the one who used the expression “severely conservative”, at least he doesn’t express these sexually twisted scenarios as wedge issues to attract votes.

  2. Mr Santorum is starting to reveal his dark side, now that he is in minute 7 of his 15 minutes worth of GOP fame. Today he came out questioning President Obama’s Christianity. Thanks Rick, now I know why I detest Christianity…Hypocrite!

  3. Yes, I truly believe Ricky has a whole lotta demons bouncing around inside his head. It must be awful. Creepy. Creepy. Creepy.

  4. Did anyone else see the vid of Santorum said “pre-natal care leads to abortion”? I know where the uterus is….where are the jobs? The GOP is so screwed this election if these are the best and brightest.

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