Saturday Political Humor

Rick Santorum and Homosexual Acts

In an interview back in 2003 Rick Santorum, who is currently running for the GOP’s 2012 Presidential nomination, told the interviewer that he did not have a problem with homosexuals, but “a problem with homosexual acts”.  As a stand alone comment Santorum may be seen as one who is okay with homosexuality but doesn’t want to be associated with such behavior himself.

However, it is a darn good certainty that if by some freakish set of circumstances Santorum became President, he would indeed engage in a form of gay man sexual acts since he would expect millions to bend over as he screws them out of their Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid benefits.  I suspect too that there will be some fellatio between him and his wealthby corporate promoters.

A hat tip to lobotero at his Ink Spot blog for this Santorum perspective on gays and his apt use of the word “anal”.

9 responses to “Saturday Political Humor

  1. i read a wonderful article in the Kansas City Star today about the trials and joy when 2 fathers finally succeeded in having a baby daughter using a surrogate. A friend told me she is sure she remembers an interview on PBS with the Santorums about 10 years ago. She is sure that the Santorums discussed a late term abortion to preserve the mother’ life. It was called a medically induces miscarriage This would surely fly in the face of all his ditaribes about abortion and in fact, contraception.

    • Yes, much of conservative views on wedge issues like homosexuality and abortions do not neatly fit into their broader perspectives based on religious views that originated from a paternalistic culture thousands of years ago.

  2. Yeah, it concerns me that Santorum served in Congress – but as President? Way to take a billion steps backwards. He’ll be gone soon, though. He has no traction in most of the states.

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