Sunday Humor

New Year’s Redundancy

I managed to stay up until midnight to watch the New Year come in.  What a disappointment.  It looked strikingly similar to the one last year.

I think we are being duped by Father Time who seems to be selling us the same old merchandise merely wrapped in a bright shiny new package.


The pastor comes to visit a family in his congregation.

He knocks on the door and a little girl answers.

“Is your mother or father home Miss?” the pastor enquires.

“My father is out of town on business but my Mother is upstairs praying to God”  the waif replies.

Pleased to hear this the pastor ask if he knows what the Mother is praying about.

“I’m not sure” the child retorts.  “All she keeps saying is ‘oh God, Oh God!  OOOOOhh God.  OOOOOHHH GOOOOOOD’!”


10 responses to “Sunday Humor

  1. I was in bed (alone – well, with my two pups) and was awake at midnight to hear some fireworks. For me, too, that was almost exactly what it was for quite a few years before. And that’s just fine. I remember when I used to wish that I had someplace fun to go on New Year’s Eve but if I went somewhere, I’d have to fake enthusiasm. It’s much easier to avoid that pressure. I stayed home and watched a marvelous Masterpiece Theatre series called, “Downton Abbey.”

    Happy New Year to you!

    • I hear you Jean. I too heard firecrackers from our neighbor less than 20 paces away. It’s probably best that I was already awake rather than to be awakened by the sound of explosives going off.

      Best wishes for you in this coming year.

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