Saturday Humor

Terms of Endearment?



There’s a woman I’m familiar with that likes to refer to her husband as the “sarge”.  Sgt. G—  she refers to him as.  I don’t know her well  enough however to know if this a refererence to his rank in the military, police department or some right wing militia.  Did I mention she’s a died-in-the-wool Tea Partier?  There’s probably a tattoo of “Old Glory” planted somewhere on his anatomy that a young man might have thought his buddies would have found clever but I don’t even want to raise that image anymore than I already have.  Perhaps even one of the Stars and Bars

I wish I could get my wife to refer to me with my E-3 ranking of Lance Corporeal but we all know I would be out-ranked anyway since she’s the General of our outfit.  Besides, LanceCorporal doesn’t quite have the pizzaz that “sarge” does and a shortened form like “LC” might bring up images of the Borden’s milk cow.  She does refer to me in ways though that do remind me of my bootcamps days in the Marines, like “scum bag”, “meat head”  and “fart sack”.



7 responses to “Saturday Humor

  1. I’ve never been introduced to him, but I’ve seen him. The guy my mom’s friend live next door to. He belongs to the Michigan Milita, the group belonged to by those responsible for blowing up the Federal building in Oklahoma City. Nice, ‘eh?

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