Saturday Morning Political Humor




At the risk of coming across as insensitive to overweight people, there is a bigger issue about some of the thinking within the GOP that looms largely (no pun intended).   I could stand to lose more than a few pounds myself.  But there is a twisted mentality within the GOP that insists that anything Obama promotes is to be opposed.   Obesity in this country is a serious issue and the President’s wife Michelle has program in place she promotes that addresses childhood obesity  called “Let’s Move!”

The leading candidate in the GOP presidential horse race for the moment is a man who lacks any moral credibility or any obvious self control with his diet.  But this could be a good thing in the crazy world that Republicans are currently a part of by simply having Newt Gingrich stand in front of the cameras and say, “I am indisputable proof that I have had nothing to do with the “Let’s Move” program of the Obamas to address obesity in this country.”


The evangelical right would fall in line using this as a defense to turn the other cheek to Newt’s two divorces, the immigration activist will be more willing to lower the wall for his “amnesty” plan and the “anti-government, cut taxes” types will genuflect to the nominee for pocketing some of their tax dollars while he “consulted” with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, demonstrating to all of them what’s most important to them – cutting their noses off to spite their faces.


4 responses to “Saturday Morning Political Humor

  1. Rigid adherence to ideology trumps everything (no pun intended) when it comes to the GOP these days. Only wished that was a huge joint in the cartoon Newt was sucking down instead insider’s hoagie.

  2. What tickles me is that the evangelical right will forgive a man that has broken all 10 commandments, but not a man that was for a mandate….illustrates just how silly the GOP really has become.

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