Some Saturday Religious and Political Humor

Humor is everywhere, in that there’s irony in just about anything a human does. – Bill Nye


We all recall from elementary science classes that gravity is the result of the earth’s rotation.  I was reminded the other night of the consequences of what would occur should that rotation stop.

It was raining furiously  while I was at a department store with my adult son shopping for a gift for his girlfriend and overheard a clerk comment about the downpour.

“It’s really coming down out there” she observed.

“We would all be in a world of hurt if it were going the other direction” I found myself blurting out.

Would that be a universal rapture?


Yes, but is he a registered Republican from Dixie

recent survey revealed that Military families are less likely to back Obama as Commander-in-Chief.  This isn’t surprising when the same survey revealed that:

  • Age gulf as 77% of over 50s have family ties – but only 33% of 18-29s
  • 68% of whites have military relatives compared to 30% of Hispanics
  • Party divide with 73% of Republicans and just 59% of Democrats
  • Geographical gulf with 64% of South compared to 56% of North East

So the finding that this population is less likely to back Obama as Commander-in-Chief is about as revealing as

  • discovering that young adults and minorities are less likely to buy Perry Como and Dean Martin albums
  • male dwarfs are less likely to shop at Men’s Big and Tall clothing stores
  • male Tea Party members are less likely to find Elizabeth Warren more attractive than North Carolina Congresswoman Virginia Foxx
  • Christian fundamentalists are less likely to view Jesus as anything other than tall and tan with chiseled abs


9 responses to “Some Saturday Religious and Political Humor

  1. I love Bill Nye! I remember watching him when I was young.

    My friend just got back from Afghanistan. He hates Obama because he tried to “withhold our pay. Bush never did that to us!” I honestly have no clue what the hell he is talking about, but that’s the reason he says he won’t vote for Obama.

    • Your friend was probably referring to the right wing talking point that a delay in raising the debt ceiling earlier this year would prevent social security checks, medicare benefits and military pay from being distributed. Fortunately a deal was struck before this happened but to blame it all on Obama because he would not agree to MORE spending cuts when the TeaParty/GOP was unwilling to concede any on tax increases is ludicrous.

      • Now that you mention it, I’m certain that’s what he was referring to. And you’re right: it’s ludicrous.

    • Terrance, I never heard this one and I spend an inordinate amount of time with the news and politics….I think your friend may be listening Limbaugh and not finding the answer for himself….

      • He’s not into politics, really. I think he probably heard a friend of his or something spewing the Limbaugh nonsense and just assumed it was true. I set him straight. Don’t worry. LOL.

  2. Larry, cel phones are seldom used when taking a poll so many young people do not get asked……so to me all polls are just crap to keep these people working….and give the media their talking points for the day…

  3. Thanks for an epiphany! Little is known about Jesus’s life from ages 12-30. Clearly, he spent a lot of that time doing core strengthening exercises.

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