All in Favor of Megyn Kelly Getting Peppered-Sprayed, Raise Your Hands



In a conversation with Bill O’Reilly about the pepper spraying incident at UC Davis, FOX’s Megyn Kelly and O’Reilly pretty much down-played the incident with Kelly calling it a “food derivative”.


O’Reilly:  Pepper Spray.  That just burns your eyes, right?

Kelly: Right, it’s like an actual derivative of pepper.  It’s a food product essentially, but a lot of experts are looking at that and saying “is that the real deal, has it been diluted because ….

O’Reilly: Yeah, they should have had more of a reaction.


Typical FOX tripe.  Yes, pepper spray comes from natural peppers but you don’t stick them in your eye.  Apple Juice is high in acid content but you don’t extract the acid to consume it by itself.  Tobacco is also a natural product but we all know what the surgeon general says about that leafy plant.


Stephanie Queen’s post over at that first alerted me to this imbecility informs us that “the active ingredient in pepper spray is oleoresin capsicum (OC), a natural oil found in many types of hot peppers including cayenne peppers, and experts say that an amount as small as one milligram can cause blisters and a severe reaction could lead to neurological problems as well.”  We’re assuming Stephanie is referring to real experts and not the kind that Megyn Kelly conjures up.

Who are those “experts” that Ms. Kelly is referring to?  The boys down in accounting who still can’t figure out why she’s paid an exorbitant amount of money as an air-head pretending to be a news commentator?  FOX commentators are always slipping in such lame qualifiers to support their pretentious perceptions, declaring often that “people say” this or that to go along with the message FOX wants its viewers to accept.

But the proof is in the pudding as they say.  Perhaps Megyn and O’Reilly would be willing to show their viewers just how harmless this “food product” can be.   They may need a little encouragement to test their hypothesis so Nick Douglas over at his Slacatory blog has put out an on-line petition for people to sign that would prompt the blond FOX ditz and the loud-mouth O’Reilly to confirm their suspicions.  You can find the petition here.

I doubt there will ever be enough signatures to convince the FOX celebrities to participate in a demonstration to show us all how innocuous they intimate pepper spray is.  The people that work at that network are never liable for their insanity.  Why should they be?  They appeal to an audience that is equally simple-minded and to them this is their reality.


4 responses to “All in Favor of Megyn Kelly Getting Peppered-Sprayed, Raise Your Hands

  1. Larry,

    I didn’t realize you were such a fan of Kelly. Geez! Keep the drool to a minimum, ‘eh?

    I have never been peppered by law enforcement, but I’ve been peppered – by myself!!!

    I was making some salsa one day and slicing up some habanero peppers. Like an imbecile, I wasn’t wearing any gloves. So, I finish up, fail to wash my hands, and rub my eye real quick because it began to itch. I then went into the bathroom to urinate………And then it hit. My eyes, fingertips, and nether-regions all began burning…That was fun.

    So, I’ve sorta been peppered. LOL. I have been Tazered, though. That was super fun, let me tell ya.

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