Herman Cain is in the “Dog” House?

It’s Saturday.  Time for a little weekend humor


Duane "Dog" Chapman

It has been reported that Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain will begin receiving protection from the Secret Service at his campaign’s request.  Cain’s campaign and Secret Service officials will not say what specific incident or concern prompted the authorization, but according to a NBC news report “those involved in the evaluation for using taxpayer dollars this way determined that ‘there’s clearly some credible threats’.”

However, there are rumors leaking out that Duane “Dog” Chapman has a bounty on Herman Cain’s head after he allegedly made inappropriate sexual comments to the  Dog’s wife, Beth, at a fund-raiser.  Mrs. Chapman is a very well endowed woman and told Cain her and her husband would like to support his campaign.  Cain was heard to reply, “Only if I can support my face between those skin pillows of yours”.

Beth and Duane Chapman in wedding photo

Cain claims there was a misunderstanding and that he was merely stating that there was something about her that reminded him of his wife’s garden patch back in Georgia.


He may have a point

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