Herman Cain Reveals What It Takes To Get the 99% to Cooperate with the 1%

What are these 1%ers smiling about?

Sharon Bialek, a former employee of the National Restaurant Association’s educational foundation, accused [presidential candidate Herman] Cain of making an inappropriate advance toward her in 1997, when she visited Cain in Washington, D.C. in 1997 to seek his assistance in finding a new job.

Bialek accused Cain of touching her in an inappropriate manner during her visit to D.C., where Cain was still serving as president of the restaurant association. When she rebuffed him, Cain said, “You want a job, right?” per Bialek’s retelling.  SOURCE

As part of the 1% in this country, I’m sure Mr. Cain is getting accustomed to using this tactic to get what he wants from people who are in the lower 99%.

Dangling their jobs before them as they ship many positions overseas or reduce their wages and benefits for those that remain, anyone who complains will likely hear this  from the 1% –  “You want a job, right?”

Those within the 1% club work tirelessly to have taxes reduced that fund jobs for school teachers, fire fighters and police officers by contributing to and helping get elected those politicians who are on board with them.  If your not on board you’re likely to hear from people like the Koch brothers, “You want a job, right?”

If whistle blowers threaten to reveal toxic waste being dumped in local water supplies by chemical and petro companies, they are often stopped short with the threat of, “You want a job, right?”

If local citizens protest that the nearby coal-fire powered plant is contributing to lung diseases with their waste emissions, the owners threaten to close it it down instead of making necessary changes to reduce such emissions.  Workers there are told to take this message back to their community if they persist in attempting to regulate their dirty discharges into the air: “You want jobs, right?”

It’s time to turn the tables on these people and let their puppets in Congress know that if they don’t start representing all interests equally and making serious efforts to create jobs besides promoting trickle down economics, they may hear this from us next November – “You want a job, right?”

We need to back the grass roots movements across this country that have challenged the status quo as they occupy Wall Street, City Hall, and the other fraternal members of the 1% and make it clear that not only do we want a job, but we want them to have decent health care benefits and a livable wage.  We want our income to grow proportionally to that of a CEOs, many who bankrupt their companies but still walk away with a retirement package greater than what most in the 99% will see in their lifetimes.





10 responses to “Herman Cain Reveals What It Takes To Get the 99% to Cooperate with the 1%

  1. Wonderful. So well said. Cain is history, but Romney doesn’t have a bit of compassion for the 99% either. 2012 will be an amazing election in its direct relationship to how people feel about their lot in life. It’s a mood of fedupness. I’m definitely there with the OWS folks.

    • I’m hoping the grass roots OWS movement has the same effect on the elections to restore sanity as the astroturf Tea Party movement did that elected the nut balls in 2010.

  2. I am anxiously awaiting the vote in Ohio today. I think it will predict a lot about the 20102 election. The Kansas City Star had an article bashing seniors over their Social Security benefits. I guess they are jumping in line with the Washington Post. I think these positions are interesting since it was revealed yesterday that the number of seniors living in poverty has doubled.

    • There are a few rich and uber-conservative seniors out there Mary that support privatization but the majority of seniors are opposed to it and are set to vote against those who favor such a move.

  3. As long as people keep listening and believing Rush Limbaugh, and believe everything they see and hear on Fox News, nothing will change. Those are the ones you will never convince that what they see and hear is all lies.

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