Best Measure of Success

Taking A Brief Respite From The Serious Side of Politics

One of the itches every writer gets is to try different forms and styles of the craft.  Poetry is one of those forms for me that doesn’t come easily.  I know; it shows.  Mine tend to be sing-songy but I work at giving it something more than just rhymes.  

Here’s one I did about a year ago that makes an attempt to describe what has true value for me.  It’s a sentimental ditty about the George Bailey’s of this world who long for more but who are wealthy beyond measure because they have people who genuinely like them for the pure and simple reason that they truly like others.


How can we know we’re where we should be

in things we work for more or less?

To say we’ve reached our goal

and show  some measure of success.


What standards have we set

that recognizes our achievements

and tells the world we’re there at last

where all are in agreement?

Money, trophies, social recognition

are some that come to mind

but seldom do they endure

and stand the test of time

For me none of these truly work

or make me feel genuinely content

They last for just a while

soon lost in time we’ve spent


There is one thing I think

that assures us we’ve succeeded,

allowing us to console ourself

at those times most needed


Where gold and glory just won’t work

for those who would feel truly blessed.

To me a lasting friend who’s always there

is our best measure of success


11 responses to “Best Measure of Success

  1. wellllll…. the best measure of a poet is that which moves him to write… a poem. Which makes us all poets if we just wish to breath the clean air of the heart. good on you!

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