9 responses to “The Code of Shared Responsibility

  1. When your own circumstances are good, it is easy to say that others need to pull themselves up by their own bootstraps.

    On a different note, I love that “Keep govt. out of my Medicare” sign. Classic.

  2. Nobody is against empathy; nonetheless empathy is inefficient. I feel this is our world now. Empathy is cheap talk, but that is all it can be because it is seen as a weakness by those who believe that putting it into action is the amoral thing to do. How sad is this? Where has our humanity gone? I think that in order to be a healthy country again, we need to bring back empathy and compassion and make children the recipients of this mindset. Give them education and food programs and tuition help and healthcare and anything else that will help them become strong and compassionate adults. It is the lack of empathy that will kill this country in the long run even though this cold-hearted attitude will add to the treasury in the short term.

  3. All this partisan crap is unraveling the very core of a system that has last 200+ years……without courage to tell the truth….it is doomed.

  4. That article just creeped me out. If the person is motivated by a sense of duty, they’re still acknowledging the suffering of their fellow man. Why would they even bother if they didn’t think that person was suffering?

    These kinds of articles just disturb the hell out of me. It’s taking a very cavalier attitude toward empathy – an important part of being a decent human being. Calling it a sideshow? They have a name for people who aren’t empathetic. Sociopaths.

    • I don’t think Brooks felt empathy was irrelevant Cheryl but more that those who express empathy then do not act on that empathy. I ponied on to this to show that empathy is more than just what one person can do. The collective strength of this country can eliminate much of the undo hardship that falls on innocent victims of our economy through federal programs like social security, Medicaid and CHIPs – those programs Libertarians feel are “unconstitutional” and fall outside the human response of empathy.

  5. I’m reading an article right now in the Humanist magazine about activism and where it’s disappeared to – it touches on the same ideas – that it’s not enough to care or to empathize. Empathy has to be brought to life, which is what Obama has been trying to do. Sadly, this other conversation about lowering the deficit seems to have made expressing empathy a foul thing – as though humans weren’t at the core of it’s expression. Something very wrong has happened in this country to fuel the libertarian out of whack fears that people who have less will take from them.

    • the failure of free markets and the follow up with government bailouts was a legitimate complaint but this anger then got hijacked and used against the obama administration and his stimulus package by neo-conservatives who assimilated into the original Tea Party movement.

      Ordinary people who unfortunately are not always that well-informed kept taking the bait from this hi-jacked movement that government spending, not wall street, was the problem. Most Americans consider themselves conservative so sadly it was easy to reel these unsuspecting people in to this bogus argument.

      Hopefully these ongoing protest with the Occupy Wall Street efforts will bring home to roost for most of these previously misinformed people where the gist of our economic woes truly stem from.

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