Sending the Wrong Message?

Billboard on a major U.S. highway coming into Denton, Texas

This is only funny until it isn’t.  All it takes is the wrong depressed individual to see this on the worst day of their life.

Take a closer look at the man’s face here.

Am I sending the wrong message to someone?

This man’s expression isn’t one that sees the humor in this ad.  But then I could just be over reacting. Not especially a positive way to sell auto insurance, in my opinion.

13 responses to “Sending the Wrong Message?

  1. I don’t know if I would categorize it as the ‘wrong’ message, but I know it would give me pause, especially considering that millions of Americans probably feel like killing themselves. We are, as a populace, more than ever worried about money and our financial futures. In short, the ad does seem much too extreme for selling auto insurance.

  2. It is the wrong message and it just shoves that message in the faces of the thousands of Americans who are starting to feel as if there is no way out. Bad advertising although I bet it is effective.

    • It does what it was intended to do – get your eye in their direction to read the ad and get their name recognized. Any fallout from it is also likely to help with name recognition. Negative attention in Psych 101 is still attention.

  3. On our way to Austin last fall, my husband and I spent a night in Denton. We enjoyed a fine Mexican dinner and drove around Denton and walked around the downtown. I was surprised at not only the anti Obama billboards but also yard signs. Some of them had that “Joker” depiction. I think Texas is like another country. My son, a Texan for the last 8 years, tells me the “government” would not allow volunteers to fight the fires near Austin. My research shows firefighting resources have been severely cut by the current government and legislature. When I asked if grilling had been banned during this extreme drought, he told me people there do not like to be told what to do. I think maybe I will enjoy being here in boring Missouri- slightly less right wing. Mary

    • I’m not sure if this ad is strictly confined to Texas but I suspect they feel they have less to fear form a pro-gun state like Texas than those who are more rational about gun laws.

      The state of Texas is quickly developing an image of backwards rubes but there are still a large number of us here that challenge the status quo and keeping the fringe elements on their toes. Our problem, like most other states is that the general population is conservative and too easily convinced that they would rather have a conservative numbskull than anything linked to liberalism.

      Thanks for your comments Flora

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