An Ode to Life, or, It Is What It Is

Every  once in a while a poetic chord strikes me, as it did on my daily morning walk today.  Age is on my mind a lot and the deteriorating affects it has on your body and mind.  Life is as a good as you make it or think it.  I occasionally consider the lines in the song Ooh La La that goes, “I wish that I knew what I know now, when I was younger”.  But we can’t and we must deal with what we face, sometimes without thinking much of our legacy.  It’s a mixture of good and bad.  Regrets are a waste of time.  The best we can do is be cognizant of what we do and plan to avoid future regrets.  So this is what I whimsied over as Millie, the female Shepard mix I rescued last April 1st, and I toured the neighborhood yet one more time.

Do not cry for me when I am gone

Instead drink wine and fill the room with song

For I’ve lived the life I was given

Even though I have done some things wrong

And as I pass this life to another

in ways that have been done by many others

Do  not think upon where I go

There is much left here for you to discover

I’m told there awaits a place of golden streets

or perhaps one where there’s excessive heat.

But I’m convinced there is only

where our remains are for worms to eat

What ever lies ahead for me shouldn’t be of your concern.

I’m sure that whatever it will be is but one more turn

in a process that seems uncertain to most

As they contemplate life beyond the urn.

We have but one life we know for sure

If there be more it is but a blur

So take what you have and make the best

of all things good and hard, do not demure.

For I believe that life is measured

by much more than our acquired treasure.

By doing all that we can to help each other

And in so doing, find rewarding pleasure.

Remember me then for what I accomplished

My failures were only things unfinished.

Do not regret as your day comes near

that you wasted life on tears relinquished

For one who’ve gone, leaving you this lesson;

Enjoy what you have without remission

9 responses to “An Ode to Life, or, It Is What It Is

  1. My favorite post of yours by far. I see now there is a wealth of knowledge and wisdom available to me from this site. I’m now sorry I stopped reading it for awhile…

  2. A good way to live. It is what it is, and you best make the best of it, cuz crying won’t change a thing, only waste more time. Blessings good guy.

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