Weiner May be More of a Hero Than Andrew Breitbart

I need to apologize to everyone for my comments in an earlier post entitled “Heroes and Zeros”, that alleged someone hacked Anthony Weiner Twitter account and sent a lewd photo over it of, you guessed it, an image referencing his last name.”

I implied that Andrew Breitbart was involved; the man who is ill-famed from Shirley Sherrod’s defamation and associated with ambush film maker James O’Keefe who edited tapes to distort the facts about the ACORN organization.  It is clear now, following Weiner’s public contrition today, that I made an error in judgement about him – but NOT Breitbart.

Breitbart’s attendance and eventual take over of the speaker’s podium where Weiner had called a press conference and was set to reveal his lie, is typical of the juvenile behavior I originally accused Breitbart of in this instance.

To complain that somehow Weiner  implied Breitbart was behind this, as Breitbart has accused, may have some validity but many of us were first informed by the media that the first one to post the Weiner Tweet was “BigGovernment.com, a website run by conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart”, NOT Anthony Weiner or his staff.

It is also ludicrous for Breitbart to claim he has been injured by this conjecture and thus owed an apology, after being found to hastily post an edited video of Shirley Sherrod at a NAACP convention on his website and claiming it was evidence of racists attitudes by many blacks.  He refused to apologize to Ms. Sherrod who initially lost her position with the U.S. Agricultural Dept. as a result of the doctored video, claiming he had no idea it had been edited and that some of the comments made by a few blacks in the audience conveyed the bigotry he says he was trying to prove.

Anthony Weiner not only fully confessed his lie in public but allowed all legitimate  journalists there to ask him questions until they had no more and were fully satisfied.  The guy’s political career is pretty much over even though he has decided not to resign. For Breitbart however to shamelessly try to elevate himself above the political mire he swims in for a living and in lieu of his inability to acknowledge his own failures, he is still more of a zero than Weiner is or perhaps ever will be, in this writer’s opinion.

I feel comfortable that this is one assessment I will not have to come back and apologize for later.

14 responses to “Weiner May be More of a Hero Than Andrew Breitbart

  1. Not sure I agree Woodgate. Weiner brazenly lies — then tries explicitly and slanderously to pin his misconduct on Breitbart (thinking surely all the matters you reference in your post will incline the media to agree with him — which too many did), and then, only when his case is hopeless, and there is the prospect of even more damaging (x-rated) material emerging, does Weiner finally admit he *lied* — but declines to resign(!). That is a cluster of dishonorable and despicable behavior that surely trumps Breitbart — if only because Weiner actually tried to blame Breitbart for making up what Weiner, in fact, did.

    Your demonization of Breitbart — in the teeth of truly despicable behavior by Weiner, including despicable behavior against Breitbart — suggests that Weiner’s just fine by you, because the real villain is Breitbart, always has been, always will be.

    That’s kind of signaling, with due respect, that you’re a partisan hack and that no matter what abomination your guys commit, you’ll dutifully deflect by pointing to misdeeds by the other guys. I don’t think that’s the guy you want to be (to wit, your admirable Heroes and Zeroes post commenting, albeit with deep hedging, about some good behavior by Republicans and corporations).

    Moreover, in this context, it’s particularly troubling, because your deflection target is the same guy Weiner sought to slander. Woodgate, even Weiner apologized to Breitbart — by name.

    This sordid matter really isn’t about anyone but Weiner. Spinny Liberal got it wrong too, and she simply said, to her great credit (even though she Likes your post), my bad, got it wrong, and Weiner is a dumbass. Weiner’s moral culpability should be an easy given (coupled with shock that he lacks the grace to resign), and then we move on.

    Your narrative — casting the greater blame on Breitbart — simply perpetuates the blind partisan shrillness and signals that what matters, most of all, is Democrats in Congress, even if they’re Weiner-like low-lifes.

    If gross misbehavior by Democrats can always be excused by something you perceive as grosser misbehavior by Republicans, then is it any wonder Americans talk past, rather than with, each other?

    • Kendrick, as usual your comments are respectful and thought provoking but I would disagree with your take on what I have written. It couldn’t be any worse than your defense for Ms. Palin who totally distorted the reality of Paul Revere’s ride even if you and she imagined that his mission was as much an effort to warn the British as it was alerting the colonists The attacks on her from the beginning were perhaps in many cases the result of her first public speech after McCain nominated her that belittled Obama’s community service and blew her own government experience completely out of proportion to the reality.

      But as you say a “partisan hacks” tends to extol their candidates good points while ignoring their bad ones.

      Let’s be clear too that I did not put Weiner on a pedestal. He f—ed up bad and in my opinion needs to resign from public office. But he has contributed greatly to the needs of his constituents who are not wealthy and politically connected.

      Breitbart on the other hand is a political partisan in that he avoids condemnation of those on the right who also suffer human defects. In fact he tends to defend them. He is an example of this in that he sees no room at all that he acted too hastily in judging Ms. Sherrod and by default, an entire race. Weiner on the other hand hurt only his image and the feelings of his wife. If you think Breitbart is more a victim than Weiner I’m curious to know what limit you allow egos to exceed reasonable actions before you see the flaw in such behavior.

      Breitbart gets too many passes by the media even though he has distorted the facts on more than one occasion and promotes serial misinformation on his bighollywood.breitbart .com website as he did with the “birther” claims by the crazies on the fringes.

      He also claims this site is “not a “celebrity” gabfest or a gossip outpost” then routinely allows unknown posters like “Mr. Wrestling IV” — a pseudonym for an “an actor in Hollywood” to compare Democratic leaders on health care to “Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hitler, Castro, Idi Amin, Hussein, Guevara, and all the countless murderous dictators and thugs throughout history who have held onto power by murdering inconvenient people” and stated that they “have made the same argument: the murdered were expendable, unimportant, and the greater good was served”

      NO, Weiner is no longer a hero as I have pointed out but to suggest that Breitbart is with all of his trash and gutter talk is to believe that scum can be cleaned up and presented as nutritional pablum. You know when people like Glenn Beck think Breitbart is one “the great journalists of our time” then journalism is more a circus than a virtuous entity.

      • Weiner is a political champion for the working man. HIs arguments on the floor of Congress exemplify the fiery energy needed to represent the common man in a world where the rich and powerful usually control and dominate every thing. He, frankly, is one of a kind and is irreplaceable. I don’t think there is a Democrat around capable of delivering progressive ideals as charismatically as he does. We need Anthony Weiner! My one fear is that this present sordid revelation will have taken the fight out of him and that his fear of having more explicit pictures revealed will diminish his will to fight as he has in the past.

        Perhaps his will to fight is the key to whether he should resign of not. If Mr. Weiner can weather this storm mentally, he can survive politically. His “works” speak FOR him and his constituents know that. If he doesn’t resign, I want to see how fast and how well Mr. Anthony rebounds from all of this. If his truculence and downright meanest remains in tact he has nothing to worry about!

        Sure, his unabashed exhibitionism and subsequent lies about it shed some light on his inner character but he resolved that issue, albeit under pressure from the infamous Britebart, by confessing publicly to his misdeeds.

        The lies? Hmmm, aren’t we used to government officials lying to us without repercussions when those lies are found out? Remember the WMD lie that started the war in Iraq and cost billions of dollars and thousands of lives? Does Weiner’s lie equal that? I think not. Does his misdeeds and subsequent lies equal the domestic terror inflicted upon us by right wing “conservatives’ bent on destroying the middle class and holding our tax money hostage by refusing to raise the debt ceiling? I don’t think so!

  2. I like that you felt compelled to apologize for your ‘Heroes and Zeros’ article, but I don’t think you really needed to. Usually Breitbart’s up to no good, and it was perfectly logical to expect that was the case with Weiner on Twitter.

    Weiner did, I have to say, ‘man up’ and, as you said, answered all the questions until the journalists were satisfied. He apologized, accepted responsibility, and I personally wish this wouldn’t be the end of his political career.

    Maybe the end of his marriage — I don’t know, that’s for the Weiner’s to work out — but not the end to this rising star’s good work. Weiner’s vocal support for civil rights and denouncement of the growing wealth disparity in America should be enough to allow him to get past this scandal, but I too am afraid he’s done, politically.

    • Sadly when good men expose their penises to younger women all their previous virtuous acts carry no weight to balance things out. This seems like an irrational move but no one can say conservative people in this country are known for their rational thinking.

      Weiner is a victim of the power that comes with his popularity and sadly has not learned any better than those before him who were not mature enough to restrain their lesser impulses.

  3. Well. given the nature of the beast when it comes to politicians, I don’t think an apology by you was necessary at all. Breitbart cries of outrage were also over the top. I do think Weiner should resign as I am tired of politicians who can’t keep it in their pants. How boring and efficient would government be without all these sex scandals.

  4. I, too, was taken in by Weiner. I also was one of the last to acknowledge Bill Clinton and John Edwards. I loathe their behavior and cannot believe that they don’t have a clue about how social media works. That said, I cannot see how those who propose giving even more to the rich and squeezing the poor and elderly are moral models. Medicare and social security were created because of overwhelming need, just like health care. Paul Ryan is the one kicking the issue down the road. When those who are 55 are 65, then there will be hell to pay.

  5. There always have been and will always be bottom-feeders like Breitbart who make it their mission to uncover dirt on their political opponents. If you don’t think groups like Media Matters serves the same function on the left, you are wearing blinders. That might make a person takes what comes out of these groups with a grain of salt, but it shouldn’t make you suspend rational analysis. Weiner’s story made no sense from the beginning. His actions (hiring lawyers, discrediting the messenger) were not the actions of an innocent man. His admission that the picture may have been him is politico speak for “it’s me”, and I think everyone who viewed it objectively realizes that. His “contrition” was the apology of a child who knows he is caught and is hoping his “honesty” will spare him a spanking.

    • Dennis,

      I don’t see Media Matters and Breitbart in the same context. Media Matters always documents their presentations with links to sources to back them up. Yes, they tend to go after those on the right but they have exposed fraud on the left and with some of the main stream media, including the NY Times. Breitbart on the other hand goes only after those on the left and omits much of the relevant data that diminishes the claims he and his associates make.

      Beitbart is to be acknowledged for exposing Weiner in this fraud but where was he with John Ensign, Larry Craig and South Carolina’s Mark Samford. Did he even chastise their behavior after they were caught when working as a “reporter” for the Drudge Report or on his own website?

  6. Weiner’s problem was, letting it air on and on, until it finally got to him, that he must finally fess up. Whether he leaves Congress or not, is not a problem for me, as he is not my Representative. Also it may cost him any chance for running for mayor in NYC. Odds are Bloomberg is unbeatable, so Weiner might as well forget that gig.

    Breitbart, he’s scum, a shit bag, and certainly not a journalist.

    • Weiner really needs to spend some cash on a PR firm…..apparently he is NOT capable of dealing with such a crisis…..he may not make it as mayor but he will mostly likely get re-elected to Congress….if Rangel can do so can Weiner…..

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