Fantasy Games Hard for Boys to Put Down

Here’s one of those news items that flash past you with all the bigger more important things as you peruse the headlines that makes you do a double take and then stop you in your tracks to say,  “WTF?!?”

A study … conducted by Divorce Online … [found that of the] women who cited unreasonable behavior for their divorce, fifteen percent said their partners put gaming before them.

Just a year ago only about five percent believed that. Many specifically blamed the games ‘World of Warcraft’ and ‘Call Of Duty’.  SOURCE

Boys playing games into their 20’s and 30’s is simply a factor of who matures earliest – men or women.  According to Dr. LouAnn Brizendine, a neuropsychiatrist and author of the new book, “The Female Brain”, women are.  They also think of sex way less than boys do and this may contribute to why boys fill time with games.

It would be interesting to see if there is a correlation between those 15% who sue for divorce because their male spouses play games too much and how often they deny sex to men when the urge hits the male.  This isn’t something that women should be expected to subject themselves to but it might explain why a divorce was pursued as a result of adolescent male warrior fantasies instead of being caught cheating on his wife.

Ladies, here’s a clue that special guy may not be mister right or even ready for a serious relationship.  If he asks you to be his Guinevere to his Sir Lancelot and plans the wedding and reception at Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament and then suggest a honeymoon in costume at Scarborough Faire, run away.  Unless of course you share similar fantasies.  Just expect to play the tavern wench on occasion

Speaking about male immaturity.


Rep. Anthony Weiner and his wife, Huma Abedin. (Charles Dharapak, File / AP Photo)

Anthony Weiner ‘s Twitter account was hacked and someone sent a lewd photo over it of, you guessed it, an image referencing his last name.  To be more specific it was “a man’s bulging underpants”, according to an AP report.    NY Congressman Anthony Weiner has been the butt of jokes since he was kid about his last name but says he has been able to deal with it and is seldom bothered when people today chuckle or giggle upon hearing his name.

“Weiner spokesman Dave Arnold said the Democrat believes it was a prank but he’s retained a lawyer to advise him on what civil or criminal actions should be taken.”  Before the image could be removed it was tweeted to a female college student in Seattle.  However, it wasn’t removed quick enough before the story was all over the web and other social media.

You might be asking yourself about this time who would conceivably pull such a sophomoric prank.  Surely none of his close friends would risk the results that such an impropriety would effect?  But the answer is really not that far away when you discover that the “tweet of the lewd photo first was reported Saturday by, a website run by conservative commentator Andrew Breitbart.”

If the name Andrew Breitbart doesn’t ring a bell at first then perhaps the name of the phony right-wing journalist James O’Keefe and his edited “expose” about ACORN will ring abell.  O’Keefe was a protege of Andrew Breitbart when the ACORN incident occurred.

Breitbart was also the man behind the edited tape of Shirley Sherrod, a USDA state director in Georgia giving a speech at the NAACP’s 20th Annual Freedom Fund Banquet last March, which cherry picked comments of hers portraying her as a racist.  When the entire tape of Ms. Sherrod’s comments at the banquet were revealed  it was clear that Breitbart had intended to defame yet another segment of the black community as he did with ACORN.

Apparently Breitbart has advanced beyond the fantasy warrior games that get men divorced from their ignored wives and moved into an even bigger fantasy world that has him attempting to destroy real lives with trumped-up charges.  But what else can you do when you have a small penis yourself?  Answer: poke fun at someone whose name reminds you of your own inadequacies?

Breitbart and Friend

7 responses to “Fantasy Games Hard for Boys to Put Down

  1. I once advised a young woman to divorce her young spouse because, as she complained, “he is always playing video games, constantly.” So I said, Yes, I would get rid of him. Right away. And she did!

    This whole Weiner controversy is out of control. Even Rush Limbaugh thinks so. He can’t believe the media is stuck on this.

  2. I know this is really immature, but I one time had to go to a breast surgeon whose last name was Weiner. I thought it just too odd. Luckily, everything turned out fine and I didn’t have let my imagination run amok with that one. As for the male sex’s immaturity, I am not bowled over by the results of those studies in the least.

  3. Breitbart is a character assassin… call him anything else is a disservice…..

    I have got to find a way to get some of this grant money….apparently it is a good living….lol

      • Yes Suzanne they are both liars. I think though that Breitbart is a serial liar where Weiner is known only to have lied about this Tweet. Breitbart has lied on more than one occasion here and here, along with misrepresenting the facts routinely.

  4. I have gotten in trouble a number of times over the year for reading when other people were around. That has not stopped from doing so even to this day. No video games though. Not at least since they took the Space Invaders game out of the convenience store up the street from where I lived 25 years ago.

    • For some reason, other than the early versions of the Mario Brothers, I never quite got attracted to video games. C

      I can’t see how reading would disturb anyone though unless of course you broke out the book while they were talking to you. 🙂

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