To Not Die in Vain

Yet another Memorial Day rolls around
With each flag placed neatly on rounded mound
Of those lying silent beneath the ground.

There lies each woman and man
Who perished in a distant land
For things we seldom understand.

We hear the reasons given to make us proud
With pomp and circumstance they’re said aloud
But heard no more under covered shroud.

If die they must it should be clear,
Our cause is just and sincere
To promote a world free from fear.

We cannot throw away good souls
For extraneous reasons given by those
Who only gain and never lose.

Young men and women cannot be fodder
Thrown into battle and led to slaughter
By those who sacrifice neither son nor daughter.

Let wars be executed if we must
But for reasons that are just;
Anything less violates a sacred trust.

This great nation has always stood
As a standard for each who would
Treat all equally and promote what’s good.

For all have a stake in what’s celebrated this day,
That loss of life that has given way
To prevent future wars so we can say,

The peace we know came at high cost
Through human sacrifice and loss
So tomorrow’s children will benefit most.

Let it be clear we are here today
To seek a path, a certain way;
That war no longer serves as a need to pray.


3 responses to “To Not Die in Vain

  1. A great post! It says it all. War does not serve the human race and too many service people have been sacrificed for ridiculous reasons.

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