Trump to the Tea Party – “Thanks Suckers”


Phineas T. Barnum, the great showman, businessman and entertainer of the 19th century has falsely been accused of the phrase “There’s a sucker born every minute”. But Barnum loved a good hoax and making money off of it.  He never saw himself as a shyster assuming that people were willing to be fooled if it was done in dramatic fashion.  He made a lot of money doing this and left a legacy for himself that carries his memory beyond his value to the society that fell victim to his carnival dealings.

Donald Trump has taken this tact and for the last few months has been drawing in the gullible element within the GOP, especially Tea Party members.  Because he saw an opportunity to exploit a fabrication created by a handful of anti-Obama con artists and heard murmurs among their ranks to throw his hat into the political ring, he pounced on this sensation to not only stroke his huge ego but to hawk his fairly successful TV farce, The Apprentice.

In the end it was this realty TV fare that held Trump’s greatest interest and now those whose hopes were riding on his carnival act are left wondering if they were taken for a ride.  Some will not be able to see the writing on the wall even still because they simply choose not to.

Believed to have a skillful hand with money and how to make it grow, Trump is seen by overly ambitious types as someone to emulate, someone to guide them in their quest to be rich and famous.  What most people don’t see is that Trump’s success revolves around his ability to play up investments and getting other people to finance schemes that may or may not succeed.

With such visions running through their head some people are gullible enough to believe that wealthy people like Trump are smart and wise, not just in matters of money but in all things, including an ability to govern wisely and fearlessly.  Trump’s true skill it appears now is simply to listen to the fantastical claims others make about him and the views they hold and do what Barnum did – create the illusion of their fantasies and profit from it.

If this isn’t clear now to most of those people who thought Trump was nearest thing to the second coming then it never will be.  People will believe what they want and not even the obvious facts can dissuade them.  Such was the case of the Cardiff giant hoax, one of the greatest hoaxes of the 19th century that P.T. Barnum was an accessory to.

In trying to get what seemed like otherwise intelligent people to believe the giant granite figure found unearthed on a farm in upper New York state was an impostor, Andrew Dickson White, co-founder of Cornell University discovered that “in spite of all scientific reasons to the contrary, the work was very generally accepted as a petrified human being of colossal size” by seemingly reasonable people.  One “bright-looking lady”,  White noted “was heard to declare, ‘Nothing in the world can ever make me believe that he was not once a living being. Why, you can see the veins in his legs.’”   SOURCE 

These are the kind of people today who will not allow themselves to be a victim of Trump’s hoax to gain notoriety for himself at the expense of their gullibility and whimsy.  Nothing in the world can ever make them believe what Trump hyped about Obama’s American citizenship because they are zealots in the cause of hating everything Obama.

They, like Trump are unperturbed by how everyone else sees them because to such buffoons, it is everyone else who is lost and deceived with their “idol worship” for the Socialist Muslim.  It is the rest of mankind that are blind to the fact that Obama has robbed us all of some ideal of theirs of the U.S. Presidency.  The one singular difference between them and their own idol is that Donald Trump is laughing all the way to the bank while his supporters are left to find other ways to castigate Obama.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Trump were watching closely this next fabrication of theirs so he can once again swoop in to claim for himself that bit of false bravado that will keep him in the public eye and perhaps even generate a certain amount of revenue he can add to his perceived wealth.  P.T. Barnum would be proud.

3 responses to “Trump to the Tea Party – “Thanks Suckers”

  1. I knew he was conning the people…and the TP fell for it…but that is not a surprise since they are controlled by big money….

  2. I wouldn’t trust Trump for a minute, and I’m surprised anybody would. The man clearly only works for himself, for his own popularity, and for his own money.

    Also, I didn’t know about that hoax about the unearthed petrified farmer in upper New York state. Fascinating.

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