Creating the “Everyman” Fantasy Lulls Voters into a False Sense of Security

Lately I found myself thinking again how the GOP had fooled many again as they duped voters to vote for them in 2010 with the idea they would correct much of what they created themselves, unemployment and financial ruin for millions of working Americans.  Their Pledge to America emphasized jobs and deficit reduction.  The jobs situation was a real concern where the deficit problem was more a manufactured one that Republicans have successfully connected to unemployment in the minds of some voters.

Sure, there is a serious deficit issue but there has been for years but this may not be the time to ignore unemployment with the false notion that lowering our debt will make the bogeyman go away anytime soon.

In their Pledge to America, Republicans and Tea Partiers had a whopping four item plan to restore jobs.  They have ticked off two and claim they are still fighting to achieve the other two.

The two items they’ve claimed victory for are keeping tax cuts for the wealthiest 2% and the overbearing, job killing mandate where the IRS would require businesses to report any purchases over $600.   Say what?  Elimination of all that added IRS paperwork is going to create jobs swiftly, how?

They don’t mention that the Democrats were ready to approve extending the Bush tax cuts for 98% of American tax payers and how the GOP refused to allow that many Americans to benefit from this unless they could bring their millionaires and billionaires buddies along too. Who says Republicans are unfeeling?

One of the two “job creating” ideas that they have yet been able to get past the talking stages is what they refer to as “reining in red tape”.  The only other one is allowing small business owners to take a tax deduction equal to 20 percent of their business income.  Killing red tape boils down to Congressional approval of any federal regulation that has an annual cost to our economy of $100 million or more.   It really isn’t all that clear how this is a job creator in the near term but then you expected a rational plan of action from a Party who spent and borrowed us out of a $1 trillion surplus into a $500 billion deficit in four short years?  And as for that small business tax deduction, well … there still working on that one.

In cutting deficits they have achieved the following:

  • With the passage of H.Res. 22, House Republicans saved $35 million annually by cutting their in-house spending by 5%

That’s it.  They do have some “bold pans” to cut billions more but that has run into a voter backlash as they attempt to cut most spending in areas that affect our most vulnerable citizens.  But be patient.  Remember those extended tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires?  The trickle down effect ought to be kicking in any decade now.

Let’s look at what the GOP House has passed on deficits.  One bill eliminates federal grants to states to set up health insurance exchanges  and another would repeal a section in the 2010 health care bill providing funding for the construction of school-based health centers.   Notice these are areas that impact low-income families with children and the elderly on fixed incomes.

If your saying to yourself, where’s the cuts in a bloated defense budget and elimination of federal subsidies to profitable oil companies, don’t hold your breath on such sacrifices coming from the wealthy sector of the American economy.  Besides, Republicans and Tea Partiers are too busy passing redundant legislation that anti-abortionists activists have clamored for.  The bill that has taken up a lot of their time is one that doesn’t allow federal funds to go towards any abortion except in the case of rape, incest or danger to the woman’s life; pretty much what the Hyde amendment has been in force to do since 1976.   Jobs, schmobs.  They’ll get it done at their own pace.

Not only have GOP conservatives and Tea Partiers done nothing to effectively create jobs, they have boondoggled legislation that takes from the weakest and neediest while sustaining those advantages for the wealthiest whose drive for many of them to satisfy their own self-interest made them even richer as people’s health care, wages and homes were taken from them.

Once again I am amazed how so many voters keep voting against their own self-interest.  Part of it lies in an ideal that if it ever existed at all, it did during a brief time when the nation was rapidly expanding its economic base back in the early 19th century.  An article by Chrystia Freeland best describes the mentality of Americans who just can’t let go of the myth that there really is a shot for them at being the next millionaire in this country with just a little “grit and gumption”.

Aside from faith in American national excellence, the other main reason Americans seem so unperturbed by the widening chasm between the rich and everyone else is what I like to call the lottery effect”, Freeland asserts.  It’s an irrational act but one that many believe will bestow “fabulous rewards on the Everyman”

“[T]he problem with lotteries”, Freeland reminds us  “is that there are only a few winners. That is the story the numbers tell us about American capitalism today — and unless that underlying reality changes, [many will realize too late that] they live in a winner-take-all society, and that most of us aren’t winning.”

The GOP capitalizes on this fantasy and as long as they can we will continue to put them in positions of power that props up the wealthiest with a false narrative that “everyman” has an equal opportunity.


3 responses to “Creating the “Everyman” Fantasy Lulls Voters into a False Sense of Security

  1. Larry, as long as they keep getting their pockets stuffed with cash from the millionaires and billionaires, they’ll keep right on going down that same road with the jingoistic crap, that they are so familiar with. Same tune, different day.

  2. They did run on the platform of ridding us of “Obamacare” and so far they have attacked it on just about every quarter……but I am still waiting for all thosae jobs they were gonna create with their ideas….

  3. I don’t understand the idea that pure capitalism is the way to go. I have heard the GOP banter this phrase around a bit. Also, The trickle down effect? Did we not learn out lesson the first time. I think people are starting to see what the GOP wants to cut and it is the programs that benefit the average American. I hope that soon, Americans see this smoke and mirrors GOP party for what it is: Wealthy people who don’t want their gravy train to end.

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