Tidbits and Considerations

Jesus, the zombie?

My wife’s a school nurse at an elementary school and some of the real life stories she brings home are straight out of the comic books.  It may deal with a teacher or a parent but most of the time it’s about the kids; usually along the lines of kids saying the darndest things.

Today was one of those days but with a twist that involved a teacher and her 6-year old son who, for his age is quite bright and perceptive.  Today was Good Friday and school let out early, which must have stoked the interest of her 6-year old about Easter and what is was all about.

So mom tries to explain what some adults (yours truly) see as a fantasy while most others accept on faith.  Her son knew enough about Jesus so she explained that Easter celebrates his resurrection following his death at the hands of the Romans by nailing him to the cross and then laid in the tomb with that god-awful heavy stone in front of it.

It was this “coming back to life” part that piqued the interest of this very young avid fan of zombies so it came as no surprise when he inquired about this.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute” the boy interrupted.  “Are you telling me Jesus was like a zombie?”

Caught off guard by this perceptive insight of her intuitive 1st grader she stumbled about and said, “Well, yes  …  kind of … yeah, but Jesus was special and all, being the son of God.

At this point I interrupt my wife who is telling me the story.

“Wait a minute, WAIT.  A.  MINUTE.  Her son makes a comparison between Jesus and zombies and she not only gives this some credence but essentially validates that zombies are real?  What was she thinking?”

“I don’t know”, my wife responded.  “I think she was in Santa Claus mode”

Whose afraid of cutting entitlements?

 here’s a clue  ——>>

Speaking of zombies.  Freshman Tea Party Senator from Kentucky, Rand Paul was critical of fellow-Tea Partier/Republican Paul Ryan’s budget plan, claiming it doesn’t cut enough spending to reduce the federal deficit.  According to a HuffPost piece  Senator Rand has his own 5-year deficit reduction plan which Rep. Ryan noted doesn’t cut entitlements.  Say what?  The biggest federal “give away” in the eyes of the far right and one of their own doesn’t include cuts to it in his deficit reduction plan?

Has Rand Paul already moved to the dark side of politics and started voting his re-election opportunities rather than his conscience, of which he was so critical about others not having?  A look at a recent McClatchy-Marist poll would suggest that he has.  In that poll 70% of Tea Party constituents are opposed to cutting Medicare/Medicaid in dealing with the federal budget deficit.   SOURCE

And finally

The neutralization of Republican wrongs


In a bizarre twist of a decision to remain in office nearly two years after he was exposed as a philanderer and trying to conceal his misdeeds by offering to pay the husband whose wife he had sex with, Nevada Senator John Ensign tendered his resignation Thursday while continuing to insist he “did nothing wrong”.  SOURCE 

Ensign and the GOP like to cite the difference between him and Bill Clinton’s infidelity as one where Ensign owned up to it while former President Bill Clinton didn’t until finally faced with overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  They can make no comparison however between  Clinton and Ensign’s efforts to hush up the incident by attempting to bribe Doug Hampton, a member of Ensign’s own Senate staff and the husband of Cynthia Hampton, Ensign’s partner in the scandalous affaire romantique.

Evidently doing something right, like fessing-up to a breach of the marriage contract somehow eliminates wrong doing.  And though Ensign is suggesting that he was morally wrong, he was not guilty of obstruction of justice and thus legally innocent of any “wrong doing”.  However, he cannot even fall back on this thinly veiled noble deed because his reason to resign now appears to be from the pressure of “the Senate Ethics Committee decision in February to name a special counsel to look into the matter, after the Justice Department and the Federal Election Commission investigated [had already] dropped their cases.”

Is it any wonder that the Republicans continue to outpace the Democrats (albeit only slightly) in disapproval ratings of the job they are doing in Congress? (See above link to McClatchy-Marist poll).  When we hear about the mandates they were given last November it seems the voting public didn’t get what they asked for.  Part of that mandate came from out-of-work voters.  Anybody seen any legislation come across the Republican-led House on creating jobs yet?

It’s okay though.  By their standards this wrong has been neutralized by the actions to reduce the deficit on the backs of many of those people who gave them their majority in the House.


5 responses to “Tidbits and Considerations

  1. How did Rand Paul get elected? It seems so many senior citizens jumped on the tea party bandwagon and now it is the seniors who will feel a great deal of the budget cut pain.They should be allowed to take their votes back.

  2. Many voters just swing from one party to the other for no reason but they don’t know which way to turn. Neither party wants to offer up the truth that they don’t know how to create jobs in a global economy. You’d think at least though we could secure access to health care given that we are not going to have anyplace to work. I’m sorry that reaching that goal is proving to be so difficult.

    • “Many voters just swing from one party to the other for no reason but they don’t know which way to turn. “

      That would be the so-pcalled Independents and I suspect that too many are guilty of voting on what their mood is that day, week or month.

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