Tidbits and Considerations – Ignorant and Intolerant Elected Officials

Off with their … uterus?

In a piece from the TampaBay.com website comes this bit of shallowness from GOP state legislators:

During last week’s discussion about a bill that would prohibit governments from deducting union dues from a worker’s paycheck, state Rep. Scott Randolph, D-Orlando, used his time during floor debate to argue that Republicans are against regulations — except when it comes to the little guys, or serves their specific interests.

At one point Randolph suggested that his wife “incorporate her uterus” to stop Republicans from pushing measures that would restrict abortions. Republicans, after all, wouldn’t want to further regulate a Florida business.

Apparently the GOP leadership of the House didn’t like the one-liner.  They told Democrats that Randolph is not to discuss body parts on the House floor.”

It appears the GOP leadership here was concerned about such body parts creating negative images with “visitors and guests, particularly the young pages and messengers who are seated in the chamber during debates.”  I would suspect that if any of these people were offended by the word “uterus” then they were either immature mentally (the type that look up the word “tits” and “penis”  in the dictionary) or the grown-ups in the room didn’t want to mislead such immature minds to believe that anything other than the stork is responsible for child-birth.

Would they be offended with the body part being used in a familiar phrase from Alice in Wonderland – “Off with their heads!”?  Bowel movements, not decapitation, would surely affect brain death for such people because it is their ass, not their head, where their brain apparently resides.

“The government  commands you … “

In another example where Republicans are attempting government over-reach (isn’t this the Party accusing the Democrats of excessive government intrusion?) the Tea Party candidates recently elected in Indiana are trying several back door ways to curb abortion in their state.  They are even willing to go as far as implementing totalitarian practices that force physicians to “warn” women seeking abortions about a potential hazard with this procedure; a potential hazard that has been adamantly debunked by medical and scientific research.

In a report by Amanda Terkel with the Huffington Post, part of the House Bill 1210 legislation will “require doctors to inform women about the risks of abortion, including “the possibility of increased risk of breast cancer following an induced abortion and the natural protective effect of a completed pregnancy in avoiding breast cancer.”  SOURCE

Studies from both the American Cancer Society and the U.S. National Cancer Institute “found that neither induced nor spontaneous abortions lead to an increase in breast cancer risk.”  The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists Committee on Gynecologic Practice also found, through more rigorous recent studies, that there was no causal relationship between breast cancer and abortions, negating what earlier, weaker studies have shown

This reality didn’t phase the anti-abortion Tea Party elected officials, so when they planned to continue their efforts to pass this legislation one Democratic Senator, Vi Simpson, from Elletsville attempted to attach an amendment to HR 1210 “that would have required information given to women seeking abortions be “medically and scientifically accurate.”.  The GOP majority, in their infinite stupidity, rejected the amendment.  Ideology trumps the truth once again with the “I want MY America back” crowd.  An America evidently devoid of current knowledge.  SOURCE

And finally …

The spirit of Ebenezer Scrooge channeled through NH legislator invokes the death wish for the “surplus population” of defectives

Ninety-year old New Hampshire state senator Marty Harty gave elders a bad name during an e-mail conversation with Sharon Omand, a community health care center manager and resident of Stafford, New Hampshire, when she requested Senator Harty, her state senator, to provide more funding for community mental health programs and for the homeless.  Harty retorted that “the world is too populated” and there are “too many defective people”.

Taken aback, Omand ask Harty what we should do with these “defective people”.  Without flinching or apologizing the “enneagarian” told his constituent that he wished we had a Siberia so we could ship them all off to freeze to death and die and clean up the population.” Omand said Harty appeared to be serious. After Omand responded that his idea sounded like what Adolf Hitler did in World War II, Omand said Harty responded, “Hitler did something right, and I agree with (it).”

Could this mean Harty will lose the Jewish vote in 2012?     SOURCE


3 responses to “Tidbits and Considerations – Ignorant and Intolerant Elected Officials

  1. I am starting to believe that 2012 will be the end of the world. It will either be the end of the civilized world if people like those mentioned above are allowed to retain power, or the end of stupidity if we can get rid of these self-righteous idiots for good.

  2. It goes back to what I’ve been saying for years, that these nit wit Republicans don’t like to be told what to do, but its alright for them to tell everybody else how to live, and do what you can do. These people are shameless and off their cliff with the shit they spout off.

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