Tidbits and Observations

Keep ‘em poor, stupid and sick

In a move by the backwoods legislators in Georgia, the state House passed an austerity budget plan that can only show what you can do with a 3rd grade education.  They have offered proposals and passed legislation that would increase health care insurance by 20% for state workers, cut funding by $75 million for state universities, eliminated most college student scholarships on the HOPE program, and are pushing a regressive tax bill that raises the sales tax while lowering income taxes.  They claim the state is going broke yet they eliminate a lot of revenue by introducing a bill that would lower corporate taxes by 33%.  But mindless disregard for the weakest elements in society is not limited to the state that once served as a British penal colony.  Eleven other states with GOP governors and legislative majorities have waged a war on their youth, elderly and working families.  SOURCE

Ouch!  That’s gotta hurt

Though many of us were skeptical and even out-raged as Washington bailed out the financial institutions that robbed billions from the public and threw the economy into total chaos, it appears they have now essentially repaid it in full and will also add some $20 billion in interest payments to the U.S. Treasury.  SOURCE

It appears that Chrysler and GM are also making good on their obligations to repay their federal bailout loans and are rehiring many that they laid off in 2009.  This doesn’t assuage the pain that the high numbers of unemployed people are still experiencing but in light of these realties and the fact that since Obama came into office our tax rates are lower than they’ve been in decades, this has gotta take the steam out of those who would claim this country is on the path to socialism.

She’s Baaaaack!

Sharon Angle, the Nevada GOP candidate that failed to take Harry Reid’s seat last year is coming back in 2012 to run for Nevada’s District 2 House seat as Dean Heller vacates that seat to run for scandalized John Ensign’s Senate seat.

Angle as you remember was the hand-picked favorite of Sarah Palin and ran on a platform that would allow God’s will to prevail over a victim of rape and incest.  SOURCE

And finally,

DUI’s as American as Mom and Apple Pie?

David Brooks has presented a study in his weekly column that suggest that Americans, contrary to popular beliefs held on the Right, may be a bad influence on immigrants.  The study in the journal Addictive Behaviors that Brooks cites claims that “recent immigrants had low DUI arrest rates. Second generation Americans had higher arrest rates than first generation Americans and third generation had higher rates than the second generation. The same pattern applied to arrests for marijuana use.”  SOURCE

This is the “Land of Opportunity” and the skies the limit, if you can pull your ass off of the floor from a night of par-tay-ing.


One response to “Tidbits and Observations

  1. I love the picture of Sharon Angle. LOL. I wonder why so many Americans can’t give Obama his due. And the very people who should be applauding his efforts are instead backing the GOP who wants to cut the programs that they are screaming they need. Also, how is it that the same whiners who complain about our youth want to cut education? Do they not see the contradiction between their needs and who they side with politically?

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