1. Very interesting. I wonder if the pre-existing condition part will go away in 2014. The republicans are bent on repealing this law. This would be so unfair. I like the idea of allowing people to use their own financial institutions. It gives them a sense of familiarity and maybe control.

  2. Republicans can only fully repeal any part of the law if they take back the senate and the white house in 2012. If they take back the senate and not the presidency, they will still need win 67 votes in the senate to over-ride a veto from the President. I don’t see that happening.

  3. This is a very intelligent analysis of HSAs. It’s fascinating to me how distorted the “market” for healthcare has become. Almost all the elements of a true market which work in concert to bring down prices seem to be missing from the healthcare sector. Even if HSAs were made more attractive for low income families and individuals as you recommend, I think it would still be difficult to adjust the price curve when these individuals and families would be competing with price-insensitive consumers with traditional employer-provided insurance.

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